Old Spice Giftset The Lumberjack Deep Sea 2pk

Looking for the perfect gift for him? Old Spice gift sets for men are the coolest gift to wow the modern man. Why you ask? Because you simply can't go wrong with the irresistible manly scents of Old Spice. The Lumberjack Gift Set Box from Old Spice contains the Deep Sea deodorant stick and men's shower gel. The toiletries come packed in a carton box with the Lumberjack design that is ideal for the adventure seeking men in your life. The products in the Lumberjack gift box set feature the fresh men's fragrance of Deep Sea, which combines the scent of ocean breeze with juicy citrus fruit notes. Finally, the gift set sleeve label is made from 80% recycled paper and with FSC responsibly sourced material. How is this Old Spice gift set for men not in your basket yet?