Oral-B iO10 Stardust White Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B’s BEST EVER CLEAN with REVOLUTIONARY iO™ TECHNOLOGY for a professional purifying clean feeling & gentle brushing experience. Combines the unique round brush head from Oral-B with gentle micro-vibrations for a fresh, clean mouthfeel and 100% healthier gums in one week.

iO Series 10 electric toothbrush with the new revolutionary iO Sense™ smart charger
personalizes your brushing with real-time feedback, guiding you for perfect coverage, brushing time and brushing pressure for a delightfully effortless clean and a professional purifying clean feeling every day.

• NEW IO SENSE™ SMART CHARGER provides personalized live-coaching through intuitive
guiding lights that perfect your coverage across 6 brushing zones while also warning of
overpressure and monitoring time spent in each zone.
• ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to recognize your brushing style through smart sensors and 3D tracking that guide you to your best results every day
• 7 SMART MODES to personalize your brushing - Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense Clean, Super Sensitive, Tongue Clean, Whiten
• SMART PRESSURE SENSOR on brush handle signals red, white or green to alert you whether you’re brushing too hard, too softly or with just the right amount of pressure – to protect your gums for a lifetime of gum health
• INTERACTIVE COLOR DISPLAY on brush provides vital information, including brushing modes, brush-head replacement prompt (so you’re never brushing with a worn-out brush head), plus greets you as you power up, then gives you a wink and a smile for a job well done
• Syncs with the FREE ORAL-B APP to track your long-term goals through detailed diagnostics after every brushing
• NEW, COMPACT MAGNETIC CHARGER has lock-in-place stability and provides ~3-hour quick Charge
• CHARGING TRAVEL CASE charges your brush for convenience when traveling

Content: 1 iO10 handle with Ultimate Clean brush head, charging travel case, 1 iO Sense magnetic charger, 1 refill holder