Pantene Pro-V Intense Hydration Surge Sorbet Hair Mask, 160ml

Introducing the new Pantene hydra glow 
Feel the glow with the NEW Pantene Hydra Glow and the first ever day-to-night  power couple for hair, infused with Baobab essence and Biotin, transforming  chronically dry hair into hair overflowing with healthy shine.  
Transform even the driest of hair with the new Pantene Hydra Glow, our newest nutrient blend  collection infused with Baobab essence and Biotin for ultimate shine. When your hair is so HYDRATED,  it shows; because when the light hits it, you simply GLOW. 
At the centre of the Hydra Glow Collection, is the first hair power couple inspired by skin care,  featuring the Thirsty Ends Quencher and Overnight Beauty Reset, designed to give you 24 hours  of hair hydration, proven to leave it shinier and reduce breakage.  

INTENSE HYDRATING SORBET MASK - Hair mask to lock in hydration
The unique sorbet-like texture of the Pantene Pro-V Intense Hydration Surge Sorbet Hair Mask locks in moisture, deeply quenches even the thirstiest of strands and smooths cuticles to repair shine and softness, bringing life back to hair for a healthy glow. The Intense Hydrating Sorbet Mask will help repair shine and softness, bringing life back to dry, overworked strands by locking in moisture and smoothing cuticles for a healthy glow.

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