sunny - razor blade refills x4

last min hair removal emergency? no stress sister. we’ve got you. 4 replaceable, recyclable cartridges so you don’t run out at that crucial moment. each refill has five blades with our skin-protecting ‘lubrastrip’. ‘gram ready? hell yeah. go work those hairfree bits babe.

  • each blade refill has five blades, which, according to shaving science, can help give you a comfortable shave
  • 4 razor blade refills means you're 4 times more likely to have a refill cartridge when you need one
  • protective lubrastrip, which is 100% a real word and will help you achieve a smooth shave
  • makes a great gift for anyone who owns body hair and the sunny razor
  • all of sunny blades are recyclable, 'cause we've no use for single-use