sunny - cucumber aloe shave gel

let’s be real – dry, post-shave legs are not a look. sunny cucumber aloe shave gel is a game changer. you’ll be glowy from head-to-toe in mins. slather the luxe gel on to wet skin and shave your fuzzy bits with your fave sunny razor. then rinse off. simple isn’t it? leaving you feeling chill and hair free as a cucumber.

  • cucumber aloe scent. it even smells smooth
  • makes light work of shaving, even if it's been a little while
  • sunny shave gel pairs well with sunny razors. you could say they were made for each other…but you probably wouldn’t, because that’d be pretty basic humour and you’re better than that babes
  • the state-the-obvious bit: to use, spread the shave gel onto wet skin. shave, rinse, and get on to more important things, like literally anything