5 Brilliant Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Make a change from witches and wizards with these kids’ Halloween fancy dress ideas for trick or treating on October 31.

Headless monster
Even boys and girls who don't usually like to wear dressing up costumes can easily adapt this look.
1. Get a dad-size shirt and fit it so your child can peep out from between the buttons with the collar on the top of their head.
2. Use a red scarf to cover hair at the collar, to look like blood where the head has been ‘chopped off’.
3. Inflate a pink balloon and draw a ghoulish face on it, adding wool to look like straggly hair.

Scary dinosaur
Instead of going for a typical kid’s fancy dress costume why not try something different like this scary dinosaur idea?
1. Push out the top and bottom of an empty box so your child can step into it. Make straps from strips of card attached as two loops so it goes over the shoulders and hangs around your child’s middle.
2. Stick egg box bases onto the box to create scaly bumps and paint it all green.
3. Dress your child in green and complete the Halloween dinosaur look with facepaint.

Poisonous toadstool
This is a simple but great idea for a children’s Halloween costume.
1. Cover an opened umbrella with red crepe paper and white paper circles.
2. [Optional] Underneath, attach stripy paper or fabric from the umbrella edges to the central upright.
3. Dress your child in white to look like the stalk.

Your kids will have fun dressing in this spooky homemade Halloween costume while trick or treating.
1. Dress your child in an oversized fluffy black or brown jumper or hoodie, and dark trousers.
2. Make ears using a dark coloured hairband and a sock, in matching brown or black, attached on either side of your child’s head, with a piece of card cut into a triangle shape stuffed inside each sock to make pointy wolf ears.
3. With facepaint make a black nose, dots and whiskers around the mouth and sly eyes.

Old ghost
This kid’s fancy dress idea is a twist on the classic ghost costume.
1. Find a cheap old fashioned outfit in a charity shop.
2. Use face paint to draw on wrinkles and add grand-looking accessories like old necklaces or make a pretend pocket watch.
3. Use hairpins or gel to create crazy hair then add a light dusting of talc or flour over the hair and clothes for a dusty ‘just crawled out of the coffin’ effect.

Lloyd (12): ‘I always dress up in something different like Henry VIII or Julius Caesar. It makes me stand out and grown-ups usually give me extra treats for the effort!’