5 free half-term activities to enjoy with the kids

Don’t panic when the weather outside is cold and wet. Try these free rainy day activities and fun things to do at home

1. Ping pong tricks

Most ball games are a no-go in the home, but if you put your breakables away, a ping pong ball bounces around with far less risk to vases or windows. Get bowls, cups, cardboard tubes from used kitchen towel rolls etc and set up as many different tricks with ping pong balls as you can.

2. Rewind sketches

With a camera or a smartphone, film the kids doing something, from scoring a goal in football, to walking around the house like a zombie, to drinking a glass of milk. Then load the clips up onto a computer and play them in reverse. The results are very silly – and great fun!

3. Homemade cards

This is a lovely half-term activity for little ones and creative teens. Dig out old birthday and Christmas cards and cut them up to make new greetings cards or gift tags, ready for the festive season.

4. Hotel living room

On a day when you all need a good rest, break your rules and let everyone bring their duvets into the lounge and set up camp in front of a favourite film – this is a great rainy day activity.

5. Write a song

Why not go online and find a website with free tools to create your own song. If you have a Mac you can use Garage Band, for PC there are downloadable programmes like Mixcraft and the DJ software Mixxx. You can record your voices and choose all kinds of pre-recorded backing tracks from rock guitars to dance beats.

Looking for more inspiration?

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How do you keep the kids busy over half-term? Let us know in the comments section below.