Easter crafts for kids

Easy craft ideas for things to make at Easter with your kids, from decorated eggs to egg hunt baskets.

Create personalised egg cups

  • Cut the card inner tube from a kitchen towel roll into lengths about 8cm long.
  • Stand each tube vertically then cut round so the back is only about 4cm and it curves up to its full 8cm height at the ‘front’.
  • Help your child to paint the tube one base colour.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Help your child to draw or paint a self-portrait on the front and write their name round the back.

Build Egg hunt baskets

  • Make simple Easter baskets from coloured paper or card.
  • Cut out a large semi-circle shape.
  • Pull the two edges together to form a cone shape.
  • Glue or tape this where the two edges overlap.
  • Make a small hole on two opposite sides of the rim of the cone and tread through coloured ribbon to make a handle.
Make decorated eggs
  • Gently boil eggs until they are hard-boiled. (Don’t add cold eggs to boiling water as the shells might crack.)
  • Let them cool and stand them back in the egg carton (cut into separate cups if you have more than one child). This makes it easier to decorate the eggs and let them dry.
  • Make dyes from a little food colouring, two drops of vinegar and water.
  • Use two colours on each egg, dipping half the egg in one base colour, letting it dry then dipping the other half and letting that dry.
  • Drip the second colour onto the egg in interesting patterns OR decorate with regular paints or even old nail varnish paints.

Savvy tip
Try these Easter craft ideas yourself first and use your versions as examples the kids can copy.