Free The Mums

Free The Mums

Did you know that women spend a year and a half of their life cleaning? And that’s twice as much time as men. But we’re on a mission to give mums back some well-deserved free time, especially at Christmas when they often find themselves busier than ever.

You’ve heard the old adage about many hands making light work and we want to make sure it’s the whole family, not just mum, who keeps the home clean.

That’s all very well, we hear you saying, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Don’t worry because we’re here to help bribe encourage your ‘team’ to get on board.

Anyone who leaves a comment on this article will instantly be entered into our weekly prize draw to win all kinds of fabulous prizes. Right now, for example, there are Hogwarts in the Snow tickets for a family of four up for grabs.

Also, because we know that whoever is doing a job, it’s much easier when they’ve got the best products to do it with, we’re offering great savings on Viakal, Fairy, Flash and Febreze.

And last but by no means least, we’ve got lots of brilliant cleaning hacks and advice.

Here’s to a very Happy Christmas!

Have you got any tips to get the family helping with the cleaning? Let us know in the comments section below and you could scoop up tickets for your family.

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