Fun Craft Ideas

Discover unique craft projects with these clever, useful tips.

It’s time to get inspired with our collection of adorable crafts! From ideas for spending craft time with family and friends to creations you can use in your home décor or wrap up as gifts, we’ll help you get started with simple projects you can make with basic craft supplies.

Arts and Crafts Party

Bring all your friends together for a unique craft party. Have your guests go to craft shops or collect their leftover craft supplies to share, and together, you can all create new, original works of art!

Handmade Flower Hair Accessories

Whether used as jewellery, gift embellishments or hair clips, handmade felt flowers add a delicate, adorable touch. Find felt or fabric in vibrant colours, and then use our 4 quick steps to assemble crafty, customizable blossoms.


  1. Cut a square from your material and round off the edges to create a circle. Depending on where you plan to place your flower, the size of the circle can vary. For a ring, a diameter of about 2 inches is a nice size. For something larger like a headband, anywhere from 4-6 inches in diameter will work.
  2. Start cutting into your circle at an angle with the goal of cutting the shape into a spiral. As you cut into the circle, the spiral should begin wider and become narrower as you near the center. This will ensure that, like a flower, the largest petals are on the outside.
  3. Grab the tip at the center of the spiral and begin to wrap the remainder of the material around it. Periodically add dabs of glue as you go to help ensure the flower maintains its shape.
  4. Measure the diameter of the base of the flower and cut out a circle from the same material. Glue this circle to the bottom of the flower to give it a sturdy base. This will come in handy when attaching your flower to your item of choice.

 Decorating Ideas

  • Adorn the center of your flower: Buttons, beads and felt or fabric scraps are great for adorning the center of your flower. Simply glue or stitch your accents in place.
  • Create a multi-colored flower: Cut out two circles of the same size and different colors and wrap the two spirals together to form one flower. Get creative with your combinations by using a solid-colored felt and a patterned fabric.
  • Add dimension to your flower: When cutting your circle into a spiral, cut in a wave motion so that when you wrap your flower, the petals will have natural depth. You can also fringe the edges of the spiral before wrapping.

Classic Games Blankets
Take  playground games like checkers, tic-tac-toe and hopscotch and add a unique spin. Make them into soft, portable game blankets! They’re no-sew and perfect for tucking into a tote to take to the park or for playing indoors on rainy days.

Craft Supplies
Large blanket or sheet-size bath towel
Fabric marker
Fabric or felt, equal in size to your blanket, colours and patterns of your choice
Fusible web


  • Use a ruler to measure a large square in the center of your blanket or towel, leaving at least a 2 inch border on each side.
  • Divide the length of each side of your square by 8, then mark the increments along each edge with fabric marker. Use your ruler to extend the lines across the board, creating a grid of 64 boxes.
  • Lay out your fabric or felt. Follow your package instructions to apply the fusible web to the backside of the material.
  • Use your fabric marker and ruler to draw 32 small squares on the fabric or felt, equal in size to the boxes on your blanket. Cut out the squares with scissors.
  • Lay your fabric pieces on every other box in the grid. Follow your package instructions to activate the fusible web and glue your pieces to the blanket.
  • Let cool as recommended, then use small toys, seashells, stones or buttons as game pieces to play. You’ll need 16 pieces total.

Tip: Use your game blanket to play chess, too! Collect items in different colors or shapes to distinguish game pieces like King, Queen, Bishop and Pawn. Or, use the game pieces from a chess set.

Make Your Own Party Supplies: Piñata

Add a special touch to any celebration with a homemade piñata. Using a few craft supplies and decorative inspiration, you can create a fun-filled party activity that will bring excitement with every blindfolded swing!

Craft Supplies
Plastic tablecloth, optional
Two bowls
Pin or needle
String or rope


  • Cover your  arts and crafts area with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth.
  • In a bowl, mix one part flour (2 cups) with one part water (2 cups), and add a tablespoon of salt to create your papier-mâché mixture. With a spoon, combine until blended to a batter-like texture.
  • Blow up a balloon to the preferred size of your piñata, and tie the end into a knot.
  • Tear up newspaper into thin strips, about 1-2 inches in width. Dip each strip into the papier-mâché mixture, dragging it against the bowl’s edge to remove excess moisture, and place each strip onto the balloon. Apply your strips in a crisscross pattern, leaving the knotted end of the balloon untouched.
  • Once the balloon has been covered with about 3-4 layers of newspaper, allow the form to dry.
  • When dried, hold the balloon’s knot, and use a pin or needle to pop it. Poke two holes into opposing ends of the top of your newly created shape, and string or rope through them to create your piñata’s loop for hanging.
  • Make another small batch of papier-mâché mixture, and use your leftover newspaper strips to cover up the top hole of your shape. Set the dry base in a clean bowl, and allow this new area to stiffen. Once dried, you’re ready to decorate!