Get the kids outdoors whatever the weather

Come rain, come shine, it’s still possible to get the family enjoying some outdoor fun activities this spring.

Few things make a parent’s heart sink more than a rainy day and the prospect of being cooped up all weekend with bored, restless kids.

But it’s well worth bearing in mind the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes – and remembering that kids are fascinated by snow, rain and frost…

Don’t let rain stop play

How many times have you looked out of the window and decided the whole family has to stay in because it’s pouring down outside? And yet kids love splashing in muddy puddles. Yes, it’ll mean extra laundry for you but Ariel 3in1 Pods will help you make light work of that.

It’s all about embracing whatever weather we’ve got, whether that means throwing snowballs, kicking up leaves or making mud pies (just as much fun today as it was when we were kids!).

If you’ve got a garden, an outside den is a lovely idea too. You can use a tent, tarpaulin or gazebo to make a ‘pirate’s castle’, ‘spaceship’ or anything else you can possibly imagine.

Turn a walk into a quest

Give older children and teenagers a sporty challenge: can they make it to the top of a steeper hill, or do a loop walk in a faster time?

Smartphones often have ‘pedometer’ functions these days so challenge your kids to come out for a 2,000-step walk. Keeping tabs on their progress will take their mind off all that exercise they’re getting.

Create a sound-effects trail

Get your kids to record their outdoor activities on your phone, then create a soundtrack when they get home. Crackling ice, squelching mud, rustling wind-battered trees, bird song and even rowdy children in a paddling pool on a hot summer’s day all sounds great… You can try it with video too, creating a story along the way.

Play outdoor games in the park

Challenging everyone to a competitive activity will get the kids busy whether it’s hot or cold. Try our Five fun park games.

Make a fairy garden

Smaller kids will love making a tiny fairy garden in a plant pot. Equip them with pebbles, shells, wooden lolly sticks (great for fences) and let their imagination run riot.

Savvy tip: When planning outdoor activities or kids, always be ready for action. Keep an old towel and wellies in the boot of your car, and line your trunk with an old sheet in case you need to stash muddy clothes at the end of a day out.

We’d love to hear from you What do you do to get the family outside whatever the weather? Let us know in the comments section below.