How to make a 'green' Christmas tree

Ask any child what they like most about Christmas and after getting presents they will probably say decorating the tree. But imagine how much fun they could have if they made their own Christmas tree using all your bits of leftover wrapping paper?


How not to: Whether its spruce, pine or plastic, standard Christmas trees are a dime a dozen. It's time to try something that's not only really "green" but also really different.


Plan: This eco-friendly Christmas tree is so simple to make. All you need is a few rolls of leftover wrapping paper. The more different the designs, the better.You will also need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • some double-sided tape
  • a big piece of white cardboard


Step one: Take your scissors and cut between 12 to 16 strips of approximately 12cm in width from the different wrapping paper. Each strip will need to be about 2cm shorter than the previous one in order to get that lovely tree shape. This means that the second strip should be 1cm shorter on each side than the first strip; the third should be 1cm shorter on each side than the second; and so on.

Step two: Once you've cut all the strips to size, take the first one, place some double-sided tape on the paper's length and roll until it sticks together. Repeat with the other strips. Just make sure that each roll is of a similar thickness.


Step three: Then, cut out a rectangle from another piece of wrapping paper. This will form the base of the tree. Place the rectangle at the bottom of the cardboard and then use some double-sided tape to stick it down. Then start sticking down your paper rolls. Arrange the rolls on the cardboard; longest at the bottom, shortest at the top. Use the double-sided tape to secure the rolls to the cardboard. Just make sure you leave some space at the top for your finishing touch.

Step four: No Christmas tree is complete without a pretty tree topper so cut out a star shape from the remaining wrapping paper and stick it on top.


After: And voila! Your beautiful Christmas tree is ready to be hung up. All you need now is the presents...