How to throw a successful kids' garden party

This summer get outside with the kids for a garden party.

Let’s face it, kids’ parties can get a little chaotic, but they can be a lot easier to manage if they’re out in the garden as opposed to in the house.

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, a special achievement or maybe just some school friends coming over to enjoy the holidays – if you’re thinking of hosting a garden party this summer, take a look at our checklist to ensure you’ve got everything covered!

Where to start?

It can be a little daunting knowing where to begin on the party planning so to give you a sense of direction start by deciding on a theme for the occasion.

For a girly gathering perhaps consider a ‘glamping’ party for a fun twist to camping with plenty of cushions, girly sleeping bags and some beauty treats for everyone to get involved with. Or for a fun family day how about creating your very own summer fete complete with different ‘stalls’ around the garden. Get the kids making some handmade banners and welcome signs, set up games like ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’, giant chess and perhaps even hire a bouncy castle or candy floss machine for the day! Or for something really easy and summery, try a Hawaiian or pirate themed party and simply make it fancy dress with some fun decorations.

Tip: Get the kids involved when thinking about party themes. They’ll love it.  And when you send out the party invites make sure it’s nice and clear so everyone knows what’s planned and anything they should wear/bring.

Getting your timings right

10 weeks – If you’re planning on hiring an entertainer now is the time to do it, as they get booked up quickly! Depending on the party theme you choose, think about a magician, balloon artist or maybe something a bit outside the box. Look into options such as an animal man who will arrive with some unusual animals that the kids will love – and they’ll even learn a few things at the same time.

6 weeks – Sit down with your children and create a guest list. Think about who has invited them to parties recently so that all their friends are there and no one is left out. Give an RSVP deadline, so you have time to plan catering and activities.

2 weeks – Start thinking about party decorations, whether you’re buying them in  or you’re getting creative and making something homemade with the kids.

1 week – It’s time for the big party food shop. Get it done early and if there’s anything you can prep then it’s one less thing to worry about nearer the time!

2 days before – If it’s a birthday celebration then don’t forget to pick up the cake, and make a final trip to get any fresh food items.

On the day

On the day of the party the main thing you’ll need to focus on is the food and refreshments.

A bonus of summer parties is that you can serve up some great simple, fresh food that can be easy to prepare. Whether you decide on a barbeque, finger buffet or a big pasta dish; serve them up with a fresh colourful salad and you’re bound to please both the kids and the adults at the party.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even get your chosen theme woven in to the food presentation with little twists on tried and tested recipes whether it’s the plates they’re served on right through to shaped sandwiches and biscuits.

The Aftermath

For the clean-up, make your life as easy as possible!  Sort the rubbish from the recycling as you go along with a bin bag and a separate receptacle for both glass and plastic situated outside the house. That way it will stop people coming through the house quite so often.

If you have a large number of guests, you may well find yourself running short on party plates, bowls or glasses but don’t spend your time at the sink. Just round up all the dirty dishes and stick them in the dishwasher with some Fairy All-in-One dishwasher tablets and put on a 30 minute cycle. The tablets work quickly so everything will be clean and ready to use in just half an hour.

So all that’s left is to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and share the party fun with everyone!