How to make your Christmas magical

Nothing brings the family together like the festive season, so you want it to feel special. Try these ideas to capture a magical mood that they’ll always remember

Be bold and choose a theme

The key to creating lovely memories is to make sure that the whole family is together and having fun. Having a fun fancy dress theme is a great way to break the ice and get the laughs flowing. Whether it's “Mr and Mrs Santa” or something for the kids such as “fairy tales”, setting a theme for the day will give you fun ideas for costumes, party hats, food and even things to watch on TV. Don’t make the theme hard work: let everyone interpret it as seriously or with as much silliness as they want.

Capture the moment

With all the work you’ve put into decorations and costumes, you’ll want to preserve the memories. Since almost everyone has a camera on their phone, ask all the family to take photos they think sum up the day. Then gather them altogether in the evening and see what everyone captured. You can share the collection on social media or email them around for relatives to take home.

Bring out the party games

Have some retro fun and enjoy a few parlour games that will entertain young and old alike. Check out our guide to old-fashioned games that your kids will love. Or why not involve older relatives by asking them to teach the youngsters the games they loved as children?

Reduce stress and relax

Don't work too hard at having a good time. If everyone seems like they may have overdone the fun, why not let them chill out for a day by creating a home spa. Even dads and kids can be lured into enjoying a bit of peace and me-time! Take a look at our guide on how to host a pampering party for ideas on turning your home into a haven.

Savvy tip

There’s nothing wrong with just vegging out in front of the telly at Christmas – but make it worthwhile! Bring the family together by choosing what to watch together, by having a bit of a debate and a vote. You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be to pit Singing In The Rain against Doctor Who. And thanks to catch-up services, no one needs to really lose out!

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