How to show the grandparents they’re loved

It doesn’t have to be Grandparents’ Day for you to encourage a bond between your children and their grandparents – or great-grandparents. Here are some lovely ways to get them involved with the family.

Whether you adore your parents or you don’t always see eye to eye, it’s still important for them to have a relationship with your children. The bond between grandparents and the little ones is priceless, and it can help the kids appreciate different generations, too.

But grandparents come in all shapes, sizes and ages, so be flexible about what will suit them best. A sprightly fiftysomething might enjoy a trip to see a musical while an older grandpa might find noisy places disorienting.

Children of different ages show their love and appreciation in different ways, too, so get them to plan ideas with you. For example, if your mum and dad look after your kids during the school week, make their Sunday together different – going out for lunch or with you doing the cooking, so the kids and grandparents get time to play or relax together rather than slipping into the weekday routine.

Six ways to celebrate their grandparents

Some grandparents live with the rest of the family, others might be far away. Think about how you can make this day different. For example, if your kids and the grandparents don’t often get time together, you could drop the kids off for a special lunch without you.


It’s great to get everyone out on a stroll, and you can plan anything from a hike to a gentle ramble through a park to suit all ages and abilities. Here’s our pick of lovely walking routes around the UK and useful online links to find interesting walks near you: 5 brilliant weekend walks.


Whether little ones want to make a few easy fairy cakes or older children fancy Hosting a chic afternoon tea party, this is a fab way to show grandparents they’re cherished – without the expense of a restaurant lunch.


Autumn and winter aren’t always great for spending hours outdoors, so why not get them to create an Easy indoor herb garden together – and then cook something nice with the herbs?


Let your children pick their favourite picture or story books to share on the sofa with granny (find tips in our article How to make reading fun), or if your children are older, suggest a storytelling afternoon of funny or historical family anecdotes. Bright teenagers can be fascinated by stories of ‘the olden days’, especially when family is involved. You could even try making a family tree together.


If the grandparents are up for something a bit different, this is a really fun way to spend a few hours together! It could be a silly session with the dressing-up box or granny’s old clothes, or a chance to try new make-up colours and hairstyles with young and old swapping looks. Need inspiration? Here’s our Five tips for trying a new style.


Something personal means so much to a proud grandparent. Here are a few gift ideas kids of different ages can create for gran and granddad.

Fab photos: get the kids to take pictures of themselves (fun or serious, casual or smart). Present these in a photo album or arranged in one pretty frame, or even turned into a slideshow you can email to family on the other side of the world! Get the best photos with our tips: How to take better family snaps.

Sweet treats: We’ve got lots of recipes for easy baking projects with kids that make wonderful, simple gifts – try peppermint creams, fudge and gingerbread men.

Crafty keepsakes: Whatever their age, children can spend a fun afternoon creating lovely homemade presents, from simple offerings like decorated candleholders to projects teens can manage, like hand-warmer cushions.