Making a perfect picnic - for two!

Turn a quick lunch into an alfresco treat with these easy picnic ideas.

Warm spring days, before it gets too hot, are the ideal time to nip off to the nearest green space with a book and a coffee for a little bit of me-time. Even better, try to co-ordinate your lunchbreak to suit your other half and escape for a couple of sarnies and a chance to catch up with each other while the kids are in school.

The perfect picnic is as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. The location
Make the most of whatever open spaces you have close by, though somewhere with shade is preferable. Nothing puts you off your food like hands sticky from applying sunblock.
TIP Weather-proof your trip by either choosing somewhere near a sheltered alternative or take along a couple of huge golf umbrellas – if you’re the only two people left sitting in the rain, even the local park becomes the most romantic place in the world!
2. The food
Break out of the norm, try funky sandwich combinations for fun (blue cheese and banana, scrambled egg with ham, cucumber and mint) or upgrade to something more substantial like a tub of mini skewers of grilled sausage and whole mushrooms. For inspiration, check out our Picnic feasts on a budget recipes.
TIP For something sweet, take two or three pieces of fruit and a bowl, then cut up a fruit salad when you get there, squeezing over half a lime to keep it moist and zingy – it’ll taste much nicer than one you prepared in advance.

3. The little details
Whether you find a spot on the grass or you’re sitting on a park bench, unfurl a blanket and make it feel like your space. If you can wrap them carefully, take glasses instead of drinking out of cartons or juice bottles – it makes the experience feel just that little bit more posh! Take along a few napkins and a rubbish bag so things don’t get messy.
TIP If you’re somewhere you won’t disturb other people, make a playlist and listen to a few favourite tunes on your phone.

Staying out for the summer
Picnics are a great way to make a cheap meal special. This summer, whether you’re out with friends, family or someone special, don’t miss our 5 best bank holiday picnic spots in the UK.