6 essential strategies for keeping your family safe this Christmas

Don’t let the kids hurt over the holidays. For a festive season that’s full of fun, but without the fear factor, swerve these risks for your family this festive season…

1. Playing safe
Christmas really is all about the kids. The children love it, and seeing their little faces light up when they rip off the wrapping paper to reveal the toy they’ve been dreaming of for months is one of the highlights of Christmas. Shopping for kid’s toys, not so much!

To keep children safe, try to buy from reputable retailers, and look for the CE symbol which is on toys that comply with safety standard regulations. Of course, you might prefer to buy second hand from boot sales or auction sites – it’s a great way to save money and is super sustainable too – but be extra vigilant about checking that everything is in good working order.

Be careful about checking that toys are age-appropriate too – some have small parts which can be a choking hazard for little ones. And remember to buy batteries when you’re buying the toy – that way, you won’t be tempted to swipe a battery from the smoke alarm on the 25th!

2. Christmas clear-up
It’s true that housework doesn’t exactly scream seasonal cheer, but the fact is that it’s all part and parcel of the festive season. It’s a good idea to have a massive pre-Christmas clearout – not just to clear space for all the shiny new toys that Santa will bring for the kids, but to make it easier to stay on top of things over the holiday.

Make sure that everything has a home, and in the case of detergents that it’s one that little hands can’t reach. Not only are Fairy Non Bio Pods the number one choice for caring for sensitive skin, the Child-Lock pack keeps kids out – just be sure to close the pack with a click after use, and store it out of sight and out of reach of children.

Once the festivities are in full swing, be careful about clutter. Tidy away trailing cables for fairy lights or decorations, and tuck gifts away so people don’t trip over them.

3. Tree talk
Sitting by a roaring fire is what a cosy Christmas is made of, but whether it’s real or fake, make sure your Christmas tree sits at a safe distance from the fireplace.

Decorating the tree can be a lovely thing to do together as a family, but make sure to check any fairy lights before using them. Don’t overload sockets when you plug them in, and always switch off lights and decorations when you go to bed or leave the house.

Be careful with glass baubles, and put them high up on the tree to reduce the risk of kids or pets playing with and breaking them. If you do suffer a smash, clear it away immediately – a moist piece of white bread is great for picking up little shards before going over the area with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Candle care
Flickering flames look ever so pretty, and with so many seasonal scents to choose from, festive candles are very tempting. Just make sure that they sit on a stable, heat-resistant surface and nowhere near cards, decorations, curtains – or anything else that could catch light quickly!

Don’t be tempted to put use them to decorate the tree, whether it’s real or fake, and always, always blow them out whenever you leave the room.

5. Kitchen confidential
Whether you’re going to be the one doing the cooking or it’s your other half who’s donning the chef’s whites for Christmas dinner duty, make sure that you allow enough time to get the turkey to the table. Rushing around when there is hot fat, sharp knives and boiling water in the vicinity is a recipe for accidents.

While it’s great to have some company for a chat, other people can be walking and talking distractions and obstacles in the kitchen. So unless they’re actually helping with the cooking, keep other people out of the kitchen. Wipe up spills quickly, don’t leave cooking food unattended, and take it easy on the booze until dinner is served.

6. Great outdoors
As well as keeping everything shipshape indoors, don’t forget about what’s going on outside. If it turns out to be a white Christmas, take the time to shovel the snow so that the path into your home is clear.

And if you’re going out and about and alcohol will be involved – call a cab! Never, ever, drink and drive!