6 ways kids make you cry – in a good way

They make you laugh, blub and experience every emotion in between. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating those moments where we get all the feels!

Becoming a parent is an emotional rollercoaster, with many new mums experiencing everything much more keenly. Even Prince William has spoken about how becoming a father for the first time was “a very different emotional experience”.

Once you’ve settled into the motherhood, you’re familiar with experiencing all the emotions, every day – kids will make you smile when they’re cute, panic when they’re suddenly out of sight, frustrated when they won’t sleep and a million other feelings.

So we’re here to celebrate all those sentiments that our children inspire in us, and how they make us well up with the cuteness.

When they persevere against the odds

Kids can be stubborn. While we might not appreciate it when it’s hours past their bedtime and they’re still awake, this tenacity can really tug at the heartstrings when little ones set their minds to achieving something. Whether it’s playing an instrument or learning to swim, the fact that they go on after failure fills the heart.

When they confess to naughtiness

There’s a big old scribble on the wall at toddler height. You know you didn’t go crazy with the crayons, and you’re pretty sure your partner didn’t either, but your child insists they’re innocent too. But when they finally confess, as if you hadn’t already guessed it was them, it melts you enough to forgive them.

When they say ‘I love you’

They’ve been playing up all day – you’ve had tantrums, tears and terrible behaviour to contend with and your every last nerve is frazzled. And it’s then, when you’ve finally wrestled them into bed, that they say those three little words that have never been more appreciated or emotional. Awww!

When they try really hard

They bring you breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, complete with burnt toast and cold tea, and you know you’ll go downstairs to find the kitchen in a right old state. They’re only little, so you don’t expect them to be able to do much but the fact that they give it a go can bring tears to the eyes.

When they’re so excited to see you

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it’s clear that kids feel these separations so keenly. The big smile, hug and general excitement they greet you with, even if you’ve only been gone a few hours, can really make you well up.

When the sibling rivalry ends (even for a short while)

You know they love each other really, but when they’ve been arguing all day and screaming at each other, you need a little reminder. Seeing them cuddled up together and calm is something you’ll never tire of.

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What’s the cutest thing your kids have ever done? Let us know in the comments below.