Clever ways your make your guest room double up as a playroom

Trying to choose between having a playroom or a guest bedroom? Why not combine the two with our clever furnishing tricks...

Having a playroom is a great idea. It's somewhere the kids can run riot without you worrying too much about mess or noise, and will mean you have somewhere to house their hundreds of toys.

However, not many of us are able to dedicate one entire room to play. This is why we've found some clever ways you can furnish your spare room to make it double up as a playroom and a guest room for when you have visitors.

Follow these furnishing tips to create a great kids' playroom, and when you have guests to stay, simply give the room a good clean (any stubborn fingerprints on the walls can be taken care of with a Flash Magic Eraser) and follow our steps to turn it into a plush and comfortable guest bedroom...

Opt for a sofa bed

For the playroom: keep it folded up as a sofa to give your children more floor space. You can also cover it in cushions and stuffed toys to give them another level to play on - although make sure they're old enough to not roll off and hurt themselves.

It could be a good idea to get an L-shaped sofa bed, where the L' leg can be used for extra toy storage too.

For the guest room: pull the bed out, clear away the stuffed toys and rearrange the cushions.

Make the bed with freshly washed sheets - to really make guests feel at home, wash them in Bold Lavender and Chamomile 3in1 Pods, which leave your laundry clean, soft and smelling gorgeous.

Get a play mat and a rug

For the playroom: play mats are not only great for, well, playing on, but they also mean your carpet won't get ruined. Go for a roll-out mat with a map or letters of the alphabet on it, for example, or perhaps foam squares you can piece together to cover the floor, and then easily store away when guests visit.

For the guest room: buy a nice soft rug to roll out, as not only will this cover any marks, stains, or worn patches of carpet, but it also warms a room up, adds colour, and is comforting under the feet when your guests get in and out of bed.

Buy a chalkboard easel

For the playroom: the kids will love getting creative with coloured chalks, whether they're playing artists or teachers. Pop it on top of the play mat or some plastic to stop chalk from being trodden into the carpet.

For the guest room: clean the board and then write out a welcome message to your guests, along with the WiFi password for that fancy hotel touch.

Storage, storage, and more storage

For the playroom: just because this is the kids' playroom, it doesn't mean it can be a big mess all of the time. Built-in wardrobes are worth the investment for the sheer amount they can store. Also a wooden toy chest that can double up as a table and wheelie boxes that can fit under the sofa bed when it's pulled out are a good idea.

For the guest room: pop the full wheelie boxes under the sofa bed, put a fresh vase of flowers on the toy chest, and clear out one of the wardrobes, leaving a sweet chalkboard sign hanging on the handle to let them know it's theirs to use.

Do you have any rooms in your house that serve a dual purpose? Let us know your savvy tips in the comments section below.