5 ways to prep your home for baby number two

Expecting again? Congratulations! Make second-time motherhood a breeze with our simple tips for making sure your house is ready for the new arrival...

With a new baby on the way and a toddler to look after, you have plenty on your plate. The good news is that, as it's second time around, you already know what to expect.

Plus, if you already have a child in the house, your home is probably pretty close to being babyproof, so you won't need to do as much to prepare it as you did for your firstborn. Here are few things you can do to get your home ready...

1. Sort your stuff

Crib, car seat, clothes - the chances are that you have most of the essentials from the first time around, so baby number two won't be such a big punch in the purse.

Your first task is to go into the loft/garage/spare room, sort through exactly what you have and identify what you need, so that you don't end up wasting money by doubling up. Don't forget to check whether things work or if batteries need replacing!

2. Clean the clothes

You probably have stacks of the newborn stuff you'll need for the first few days and weeks with your new little one - bodysuits, hats, socks, bibs and the like. Once you've identified everything you'll use again, the first thing to do is it sling it all in the washing machine so it's clean and fresh for when baby comes home.

There might be the odd stain on some of the bits, so use Fairy Non-Bio Huggably Soft for Sensitive Skin Liquid for tough cleaning power that is suitable for the most sensitive skins. It's great for pre-treating to help remove stains from even the most heavily soiled clothes too.

3. Prep the bedding

In the first few weeks of life, your new baby will be spending lots of their time sleeping (hopefully!), so one of the most important tasks is making sure their cot, crib or Moses blanket is ready. Cotton bedding is ideal, as it's lightweight so baby won't overheat.

Before using, put it through the wash, adding Fairy Non-Bio Huggably Soft for Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener so you don't have to compromise on softness, even when you're looking after the most sensitive skin in the family.

4. Fix the furniture

With all the focus on the tiny new life that has just come into your home, it can be easy to forget about yourself and your surroundings. Baby will probably be spending a lot of time cuddling you and the rest of the family when you're sitting on the sofa.

So it's just as crucial that your own clothes, and any cushion covers, blankets or throws in your living room, don't irritate delicate new skin. Fairy Non-Bio Huggably Soft Pods are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic but still have the power to get everything sparkling.

Remember though, that when it comes to using our 3in1PODS, they belong in a washing machine or locked in a high cupboard, not within reach of your little ones. Make sure you keep them up, keep them closed and keep them safe.

5. Stockpile the muslins

Remember how many muslins you got through with a newborn around? They're great for wiping little hands and noses, protecting your clothes at feeding time and for cleaning up afterwards.

Keep a basket of muslins in every room so that they're always in easy reach. With all the use they get, they need frequent washing. Pop them in the wash with Fairy Non-Bio Huggably Soft Gel, which has the Skin Health Alliance seal. Independent test have confirmed that clothes washed in it are as kind to skin as those washed in water alone. It's Mumsnet evaluated, with an amazing 96% approval rating.

What are your tips for preparing your home for a second baby? Let us know in the comments below.