How to be the perfect parenting team

The toughest job in the world is easier when you share the load and work together. Try these tips for parents who want to present a united front.

It's the most rewarding job in the world, and one of the hardest. And the best way to lighten the load of a tough job like parenting is to work together as a team.

You can give each other a break by taking the strain of a toddler's tantrum or a homework crisis when your other half desperately needs a break.

And by working together you also set a great example for your children. Instead of seeing arguments between you, they learn how adults calmly resolve differences and work together for a happy home.

But learning how to work together most effectively isn't always easy. Take a look at these tips for building up the power of your parenting team.,

Balance the workload fairly

Nothing undermines the trust between you and your partner as quickly as one person feeling that they have to do all the work. So make sure you have regular conversations about how you split the chores, the ensure you both feel its fair.

Not everything needs to be split 50:50 - the work will feel lighter when you each play to your different strengths. But if one of you is always hard at work while the other one sits on the sofa, it's a recipe for resentment.

Make decisions together

Working together as a team means talking over your decisions, whether it's at night when the kids are in bed, through text messages during the day or through something as simple as sharing a calendar on your phones to let each other know about upcoming events.

When you disagree on something, it's worth asking who does the issue matter more to? If you can let issues go when they are minor for you, it'll be easier for your partner to give way on the times when it really matters.

Avoid good cop, bad cop

It might work on TV detective shows, but having one parent always play the bad guy is a recipe for unhappiness at home. Your relationship with your children will be more distant if you never get to be the fun one.

Children get crafty about playing parents off against each other, too, so they'll soon learn to work around your bad cop act. But when you present a united front, they'll be much more likely to back down.

Take time out as a couple

When your workplace wants people to work better as a team, they take you away to spend time together on bonding exercises. You don't need to go to these extremes, but spending time with just the two of you will make you work better as a team.

Try to set aside a date night where you get to remember why you chose to spend your lives together. Having fun together will make the teamwork behind day-to-day decisions go more smoothly.

Don't be afraid to talk about money

It's the biggest cause of arguments, but many couples hate to discuss money. Broaching the topic can pay dividends by preventing disputes down the line.

Try to understand each other's money habits - one of you might be a saver, the other a spender - agree a budget and a limit on what you can spend without your partner agreeing. That what you'll be on the same page when your kid demands the latest gizmo.

Take help when you can

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