Looking good, feeling great

From a sprouting ‘tache to whiffy pits, here’s how to help your son deal with everything puberty throws at him
Personal hygiene is always important but never more so than during those teen years when your son’s body is going through lots of changes.

The daily shower

Your son used to be able to go days without washing and, although he might have been a bit grubby around the edges, he still smelt fine. Now… well, let’s just say when you pick him up from playing football, you tend to leave the car windows open. Even when it’s minus two.
Gently encourage him to take a shower or a bath every day. You may encounter a bit of resistance at first. On the whole, boys of this age would be rather be doing other things. Try suggesting he showers at a set time every day (human beings are creatures of habit) and maybe stock up on some nice soaps and shower gels.
Remind him not to forget about his hair while he’s in there too. It’ll probably need washing much more often than it used to.

Keeping him sweet

Once you’ve got him smelling good, help him stay that way by buying him a good antiperspirant like Gillette Arctic Ice.
Also, make sure his clothes and shoes are always fresh. It might seem obvious to you, but your son might need a gentle ‘nudge’ that socks and underwear need changing every day!
Shoes need to be aired too. Especially those pongy trainers he loves.

The shaving question

You look up from your cornflakes one morning and notice that your ‘baby’ is suddenly sporting a hairy upper lip!
Yup, it’s time to think about shaving. The first thing to do is to get him the right razor. The Gillette Fusion Proglide has unique Flexball technology which gets into every contour and makes shaving a cinch even for newbies.
And how about suggesting he checks out our tips on how to get a close shave?.

Beauty is more than skin deep

Puberty can bring skin problems. Help your son fight back by encouraging him to eat healthily and keep his face scrupulously clean. He might want to check out our men’s skincare tips too.

Keeping that smile bright

Hopefully your son’s already got into good habits when it comes to teeth cleaning and flossing.

If you do get any resistance, you can always tell him that no-one wants to kiss someone whose breath is less than sweet!

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