The quiz that'll help you get to know your teen better

Your teenager may seem super-confident on the outside, but inside could be a different story. This quiz should help you find out and give them the support they need.

The path toward adulthood can be a rough and rocky one, and you want to be there to help.

To do that, you'll need to know what your teen really thinks and feels about their life - not just what they say (or don't say!).

Ask them to work through the questions below - the answers will help you understand your child better and navigate him or her through this tricky life stage.

What makes you happy?
a) Getting good grades
b) Doing a good deed
c) Being a good friend

What scares you most in your life right now?
a) The thought of my first day of secondary school
b) Online or cyber bullying
c) My body changing in a way I don't seem able to control

Which of these things would you rather give up?
a) Your smartphone
b) Chocolate
c) Extra-curricular clubs

Being a teenager isn't easy, but what do you find the hardest part?
a) Going back to school after the holidays
b) The emotional ups and downs
c) Knowing how to build confidence in myself

Which of these phrases best describes your current state of mind?
a) Stressed, anxious and worried I'm not good enough
b) Bored and frustrated - I just want to be in charge of my own life
c) Mostly content and happy with my life

Mostly As
Your teen likely puts him or herself under pressure to perform well at school and perhaps feels as if they are under-achieving. Take care to remind them that good grades aren't everything, and to reward them for successes along the way. Learning is supposed to be fun, and it's important to acknowledge each milestone as they achieve it. Encourage them to find ways to relax that don't add more stress to an already anxiety-prone personality.

Mostly Bs
Oh boy - you have an independent thinker on your hands! This is a teen that doesn't like to be contained or limited - they prefer to think for themselves and is looking forward to making their own way in the world. There's a strong independent streak here, and a philanthropic one, too. Don't crowd this personality, but remind them instead that you're a loving, non-judgmental source of support if they need you.

Mostly Cs
Your teen sounds pretty normal - and amazingly well adjusted to the rollercoaster teenage years. They instinctively know that good friendships are the bedrock of a happy life and appear to understand that physical and emotional changes do, eventually, even out.

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How do you connect with your teen? We'd love to hear about it - please share your comments below.

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