New Year, new bedtime routine

Uninterrupted sleep can improve health, performance, weight loss and memory, as well as relieve stress.* With so many benefits, improving your sleep is a great resolution for 2014. These simple tips can help.

  • Establish a regular bedtime routine: Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, even weekends. Catching up on sleep at weekends can actually make you feel more tired on Monday.
  • Room Ambiance: Control the amount of light in your room. If you read in bed, use a book light. Brighter lights can make your brain think it’s earlier than it really is.
  • Add fragrance: Create a calm and tranquil atmosphere at bedtime with the Febreze Sleep Serenity collection.  They eliminate odours, release long-lasting, relaxing scents and help to create a soothing bedtime atmosphere.
  • Get some sun: According to research*, spending half an hour in the morning sun will encourage your body to feel sleepy at the right time of night.
  • Avoid daytime naps: Or try to keep any afternoon snooze to under an hour.
  • Switch off: Remove all electronics from the bedroom. The bedroom should be a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Exercising: Work out more than three to four hours before bedtime to allow your body to relax and return to a calm state.
  • Late night eating: Avoid midnight snacks, especially involving caffeine. Your body needs to use its energy to rejuvenate itself rather than digest food.

*Source: The National Sleep Foundation