Power up with a pink electric toothbrush!

The Limited Edition PC 600 power brush in pink from Oral B is the perfect girlie addition to your bathroom shelf

If you’ve ever dreamed of brightening up your bathroom cabinet with a cheerful pop of colour then you can stop dreaming ladies as your wishes have been answered! Oral-B has developed their ultimate bathroom gadget for all of you glamour-loving superwomen out there – Limited Edition Oral-B PC 600 power brush, RRP £49.99, in pink.

Don’t be fooled by the pink exterior, this electric toothbrush is no girlie push over.  It removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, by pulsating 20,000 times and rotating 8,800 times per minute. A short stuttering sound at 30-second intervals, which you can hear and feel, reminds you to brush the four quadrants of your mouth equally for a thorough consistent clean, while a long stuttering sound indicates when the dentist recommended two-minute brushing time has been reached.

Worried about being without this bathroom gadget when you’re off on holiday? Never fear! The power brush comes with a beautifully designed travel case making it the perfect accessory for women on the go too!

So what are you waiting for, brighten up your smile and your bathroom counter with this beauty gadget!

*pricing is at sole discretion of the retailer