Spreading smiles across the nation

Oral-B have been taking care of smiles for generations. Which is why we're so proud to be sponsoring National Smile Month and why we want to spread smiles all across the UK. We're giving away Oral-B Genius electric toothbrushes and hundreds of packs of Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste.

We all know the power of a smile. Smiling makes us look more friendly, confident and approachable and studies have shown they reduce our stress levels too. In fact, even a fake smile can 'trick' our brains into feeling happier!

Tell us whose smile makes you smile

Ever noticed that smiles are contagious? Well, now we want you to tell us whose smile makes you break into one of your own. It can be your baby's gummy grin or the smile from your mum that always makes you feel better - whatever brightens your day.

Just leave a comment below and you'll instantly be entered into our prize draw. Good luck!