The Father's Day gift that will make him smile brighter

Struggling with a gift for the man who has everything? Try a gadget that's guaranteed to put a smile on his face - the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 electric toothbrush.

With Father's Day approaching, you and the kids want to get him something special to show how much you care. But it's no easy task: we all know how difficult dads can be to buy for.

This year, why not get him something that's both extremely effective AND looks great too? The sleek black exterior of the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 electric toothbrush hides a multitude of high-tech features.

Innovative position detection technology

With the Oral-B GENIUS 9000, he can see where he's brushing and adjust his technique to make sure he never misses a thing. That's because sensors in the brush can detect where he's been brushing and the parts he hasn't reached yet. It guides him as he cleans - just like a dentist would.

App connected for real-time feedback

All the data from the position detection is sent directly to his smartphone over Bluetooth, so he can get in-the-moment visual feedback on his brushing technique.

Once he's downloaded the Oral-B app, he just pairs the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 with his phone to get guidance about which zones to focus on for the ultimate in cleaning. There's even a Game mode for the big kid in him!

Pressure sensor for healthy gums

Healthy teeth need gums that are in top condition, but brushing too hard can make them turn red, swell up or even bleed.

Thanks to the pressure sensor in the Oral-B GENIUS 9000, he'll get a warning if he's pressing too hard, with the SmartRing indicator lighting up and the pulsations slowing down. There's also a special mode for brushing sensitive teeth that brushes at a lower speed for a gentle clean.

Longer battery life

The last thing anyone needs, whether they're getting ready for work or the weekend, is their electric toothbrush to give up halfway through cleaning his teeth.

A cutting-edge lithium-ion battery means that won't happen with the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 - it can last for up to 12 days of consistently powerful cleaning.

Smart travel case

No one wants to ditch the ultra-clean feeling of their electric toothbrush for a manual one when they're travelling, whether it's for work or holidays. And with the clever travel case of the Oral-B GENIUS 9000, he won't have to.

It packs the brush away neatly and is designed to charge his toothbrush and his smartphone from one outlet, so he can get on with his day feeling fresh and fully recharged.

Customisable SmartRing

Visible from any angle while he's brushing, the SmartRing combines feedback from the pressure sensor, Bluetooth connection and a timer into one simple indicator. So he'll instantly know when his teeth are sparkling clean.

He can also use the Oral-B app to programme it to light up in any one of 12 colours while he brushes, so he can pick his favourite to match the stylish black exterior.

And because the Oral-B GENIUS 9000 cleans 100% more plaque than his regular manual toothbrush, he'll have a brighter smile and fresher breath - which is one feature that you'll love too.

Do you or your partner use the Oral-B GENIUS 9000? Let us know what you think in the comments below - or why not leave a review here?