Love that dentist-clean feeling? Now you can take it home

The new Oral-B Trizone toothbrush is as easy to use as a manual brush – but can remove up to 100% more plaque, for that dentist-clean tingle.

Move over manual brushes, Oral-B’s latest addition to its power brush portfolio is the Oral-B TriZone, RRP from £49.95-£199.99, the first electric toothbrush with the look and feel of a manual brush.

Research shows that as many as 75% of us are using the wrong technique when we brush our teeth. Who knew? The good news is that the Oral-B TriZone has been designed in a way that means your teeth will get the deep clean they deserve, regardless of your brushing style. Phew!

Oral B Trizone

So what makes the Oral-B TriZone a must have?

Unlike other power brushes, TriZone has been cleverly designed to look and feel like an ordinary manual brush. With the incredible cleaning benefits of a electric toothbrush, it’s perfect for those of us who prefer the sensation of manual brushing, yet don’t want to compromise on oral hygiene.

It’s designed to suit and benefit everyone regardless of their brushing style. So, whether you sweep back and forth, whirl your brush around in circles, or go for a more haphazard approach, your results will stay constant.

And the best bit…whichever way you wield your brush, it will remove up to 100% more plaque on teeth than an ordinary manual toothbrush. Hooray!

Now for the technology..:

Seven years research in the making, Oral-B’s TriZone works via a Triple Zone brush technology system with three separate bristle areas:

1. POWER TIP FOR HARD TO REACH BACK TEETH: Its wide sweeping action ensures TriZone covers an
area significantly wider than a regular manual tooth brush, so all hard to reach areas get a thorough clean - even far back in the mouth.
Oral B Trizone

2. STATIONARY BRISTLES THOROUGHLY CLEAN TOOTH ENAMEL: The combination of manual motion and power pulsations give tooth surfaces a superior clean.

3. WIDE SWEEPING BRISTLES FOR INTERDENTAL CLEANING: Bristles sweep at an angle to mimic a normal manual toothbrush motion, which ensures the spaces between the teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

What the experts say: 

“In Britain, we have seen dramatic improvements in the state of our teeth, but as a nation, our poor brushing habits are in desperate need of attention. So many Brits still do not understand or use correct brushing habits, causing unnecessary plaque build-up. If you have been put off using a power brush in the past, I would recommend Oral-B’s TriZone as it’s the easiest, most foolproof way to get cleaner teeth” - DR UCHENNA OKOYE, ORAL-B SMILE CONSULTANT.

To top it all off, the Oral-B TriZone has been voted the number one electric toothbrush in the Product of the Year 2013 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation!*
* The Product of Year survey was conducted by 10,005 people by TNS
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