Pushchair power: the gym-free buggy workout

From lifting your bum and tightening your tum to exercising your pelvic floor muscles, here's how to get back on top - without joining a gym.

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing faster than a cheeky toddler running in the wrong direction! And as your little one gets more and more active, you'll need to be able to keep up too.

Fitting exercise into your daily life might feel like an impossible task when you're running from pillar to post, stroller handle in one hand, groceries in the other, and work on the other end of your phone line too.

And if you're feeling worn down, or still experiencing post-birth symptoms such as bladder weakness, it can be even harder to keep your pace up.

It's no wonder pushchair fitness has taken off, and the parks are packed with mums running and pushing their buggies, complete with happy kids getting an adventure in their strollers.

And while only 20% of women experiencing bladder leaks use the right protection, those in the know can exercise with confidence using Always Discreet.

Here's a five-step, 30-minute buggy workout that will get those muscles toned while keeping your little one entertained, too. You don't need to do every step - if you just have time for one or two, that's fine as well.

NB Check with your doctor before undertaking an exercise and fitness programme. Undertake these exercises in a safe, open and public space.

Step 1: five-minute warm-up

Start with a slow walk to the park as you push your buggy, speeding up into a fast walk.

Step 2: cardio

Run for five minutes, interspersing the run with walks if needed. You could extend this to 10 or 15 minutes if you feel like it.

Step 3: squats and lunges

Make sure you're on a flat surface. Put both hands on the pushchair shoulder width apart and close to the body. Alternate 10 squats with 10 lunges, with 30 second breaks, for five minutes. You can put the brakes on the pushchair or, for an extra challenge, as you squat and lunge, push the buggy away, pulling it back as you straighten up.

Step 4: bench work

Park benches are perfect for using your body weight to tone your muscles. Make sure the bench is secure and the buggy has its brakes on and is in full view at all times, then spend five minutes alternating bench push-ups and tricep dips.

Step 5: stretches

Pack a yoga mat or blanket. When you finish your workout, lay it out on the ground and do your usual leg and back stretches. You could also fit in a few crunches first, to give the abs a gentle workout. It's a great time to get your little one out of the buggy and finish off your outing with some games and fun so you can tire them out for a peaceful journey home!

It's not just your glutes and abs that can be trained: with the right approach your bladder can be trained as well.

Your doctor can advise on a daily schedule to build up your bladder's holding capacity, and low impact sports such as cycling, walking or yoga are ideal for helping you keep fit without impacting your sensitive bladder.

Finally, practice pelvic floor exercises three times a day - these exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, giving you more control when you need it.

And until then, there's Always Discreet!

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