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How twitter could get you fitter

All that time spent on social media can actually help you when it comes to toning up and getting fit

There on Facebook and Twitter, in between the wedding photos and LOL YouTube clip links, you'll see an increasing number of people logging kilometres jogged, gym sessions completed, healthy meals cooked and fitness advice exchanged. Instead of feeling guilty every time you're on the sofa playing' with your phone, why not turn it to your advantage?

6 ways to make social media work for your fitness plan
1. Fitness advice - for free! Personal trainers don't come cheap, but with Twitter you have access to fitness experts around the world whenever you need advice.

2. State your fitness goals in your Facebook status or on Twitter, you'll be less inclined to skip a gym session once you've made a public promise.

3. Search through Twitter for people talking about your fitness interests. In the search bar type # followed by whatever you're interested in (eg. #Pilates) and see what the trending topics are.

4. Share your experiences to inspire each other - Instagram your view on a gorgeous sunny morning run, for example. Or if it's pouring with rain, exchange ideas for little fitness tricks you're going to try at home.

5. Don't lie! If you're not in the mood, post it. Sometimes an understanding reply to your tweet can give you that little nudge to put your trainers on.

6. Share your wins. If you feel great after a 10km run, you'll feel even better when Twitter followers and Facebook friends congratulate you on your achievement, and the thought of that will keep you going.

Tone your legs, arms and tum

Check out our easy-to-stick-to at-home workout routines to banish those bingo wings, get luscious legs and tone up your tum

NB With all forms of exercise, if you have any medical concerns, consult your doctor before starting new fitness routines.


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