7 tricks to help you sleep when it's hot

Keep your cool with these tips for a sweet night’s slumber, even when the temperature’s up.
It feels like not so long ago that you had your heating cranked up to the max, and now suddenly you’re waking up hot and clammy in a stuffy bedroom, right?

So if you’re struggling to keep your cool at night and it’s affecting your sleep, here’s how to prep your bedroom and yourself so you can sleep sweetly, not sweatily.

1. Open the bedroom windows

An hour or so before you go to bed, fling your bedroom windows open to let some air in. To help the air circulate, keep the bedroom door open and use an electric fan or two.

If it just feels like they’re pushing hot air around, direct one at the window to push the hot air out, and another facing away from the window to bring the cool air in.

If you’ve recently washed some sheets or towels, you could even hang these out to dry in front of the window to help cool any breeze coming in – and dry your laundry at the same time!

2. Put your sheets in the freezer

This may seem excessive, but it will keep your bed cool for 30-40 minutes, which gives you enough time to fall asleep before you start to feel the heat.

Simply fold them up and pop them in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer for 30 minutes. Unfold and enjoy!

3. Have a tepid shower

You don’t want to wake your body up before bed with a cold shower, but you can bring your body temperature down with a gentle lukewarm shower or bath.

Finish off by dabbing your pulse points – wrists, neck, temples, backs of knees and ankles – with a flannel soaked in cold water.

4. Drink a glass of water

You will probably sweat during the night, so drink a small glass of water before bed to make sure you don’t wake up due to dehydration. Be careful not to drink more than that, though, or you’ll be waking up to use the toilet instead!

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5. Go au naturel

We’re not talking about sleeping in your birthday suit, as this can actually cause sweat to stick to your body, making you hotter. Instead, wear loose nightclothes made of natural materials, such as breathable cotton. And of course swap out any heavy duvet covers for crisp, cool cotton sheets.

6. Ease period symptoms

If you’re on your period, you probably feel even hotter due to hormonal fluctuations, period cramps and mood swings leaving you flustered.

Do some gentle stretches before bed and put that buckwheat pillow you usually warm in the microwave in the freezer instead. The gentle pressure of the pillow on your stomach or back will help soothe cramps, while the cold temperature will help keep you cool.

Also, make sure you’re wearing sanitary protection that will stay secure and keep you dry and comfortable all night long. Always night sanitary towels are longer and wider, plus they come in two sizes – Always Ultra Night Sanitary Towels (size 3) and Always Ultra Secure Sanitary Towels with Wings (size 4) – so you can use one that suits your body shape and period flow.

7. Flip your pillow

If you wake up in the night and you’re feeling the heat, simply flip your pillow over. It will feel much cooler as it won’t have absorbed your body heat.

Sweet dreams!

Do you have any tricks for keeping your cool when you’re trying to sleep? Share your advice in the comments section below…