Always Discreet wins Product Of The Year

Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder has just been voted as number one in the bladder weakness category at the 2016 Product Of The Year Awards and we couldn’t be more delighted *

Product Of The Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, and this year in the UK, more than 11,500 households got involved to give their seal of approval to their favourite products. Products like Always Discreet.

Always Discreet were developed to help women with sensitive bladders. This problem affects one in three women in the UK. A recent survey revealed that many women suffering with adult incontinence feel restricted in their daily lives, with over a third holding back from exercising because they’re too worried about leaks, and 50% saying they avoid wearing certain clothes. Many of the women surveyed also commented that bladder weakness makes them feel older than they actually are.

Always Discreet has a great range of products. The liners and pads have an absorbent core which turns liquid into gel and absorbs leaks and odours in seconds. There’s also underwear which has a comfortable cotton-like feel and special Triple Layer technology to lock away wetness and odour. Whether you choose pads, liners or underwear, you can count on Always Discreet to give you back the freedom to get on with your life without having to worry about leaks.

What women are saying about Always Discreet

“I love how slim the Always Discreet pads are and more importantly how comfortable they are! I feel much better going about my daily life knowing I'll be safe from any embarrassing moments! I can even cough without having to cross my legs haha!” - savvy circler Crazymum

“I feel like a different person since starting this project. I'm no longer worried about always locating the closest loo and can wear whatever I want without thinking about how difficult it is to get off/down when rushing for a loo. I was so relieved to find out so many ladies are suffering with the same problem, I thought I was in the minority. Thank you Always Discreet!” - florenceat50

“I'd recommend Always Discreet to all ladies, it's a must for daily life, it provides ladies with extra comfort and you can go about your daily life without any embarrassing moments. Thank you Always Discreet for providing a product that helps us go about our daily life with no worries!” - savvy circler Olivia3020

“Thank you for introducing me to something that has literally changed my life. I'm now not governed by needing to know where the nearest loo is, safe in the knowledge that Always Discreet are absorbent enough to deal with any mishaps - and no one can even tell I'm using them.” - Peapod1964

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* Winner Bladder Weakness Category. Survey of 11,586 people in UK & ROI by TNS. Always Discreet Pads and Liners.