An Olympic Games beauty regime

Jessica Ennis-Hill talks about her training schedule and beauty routine in the run-up to Rio

Gold-medal-winning athlete and Thank You Mum ambassador Jessica has got lots on her mind right now and is all too aware that there are only 24 hours in the day!

As she says, “I used to train twice a day, six times a week but now I train smart; less time but at greater intensity leaving more time to spend with Reggie. As every mother knows, you have a lot less time for yourself when you become a mother so my focus is on quality versus quantity when it comes to work and beauty routines.”

Training for the Big Events

Even though Jess is a world-class athlete, she’s also a mum, which means training schedules have to work around Reggie, too. She says, “I now have a gym in the garage at my home so once Reggie has gone down I can exercise in there. During this time, I might lift weights or go on an exercise bike. I am looking to work on the technical aspects of the seven disciplines of the heptathlon so I can sharpen up and make the gains I need to win more points. I have had to revise my whole training program now I am a mum and as I get older; I do less training now that I have Reggie, but what I do is of better quality.”

Fuelling her body

As you’d expect, Jess isn’t bingeing on doughnuts in the run-up to The Games! She says, “Now is the time to be super-healthy and fuel my body with all the right things to make it as strong and lean as possible ahead of the Olympic Games.

“I think it’s really important to enjoy your food so I keep an eye out for foods that are tasty but are still good for my body whilst I’m in the last few weeks of training. In the lead up to Rio, breakfast will be yoghurt or porridge, lunch is grilled chicken or rice and then dinner could be a steak, salad or pasta.

“I try to hydrate as much as possible. I won’t be drinking any alcohol and I try to cut down on salt intake to get my body in the absolute best shape. The night before I compete in Rio I will be eating carbohydrates and protein to perform at my best. I’ll be quite nervous – so the meal before my competition has to be delicious so I can’t resist it!”

Of course, it helps to have a couple of key products in the bathroom cupboard at the Olympic Village, and Jess has two favourites she won’t go without.

Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Cream SPF15 gives my skin everything it needs most to look beautiful, healthy and well-moisturised when I’m training, and it has broad-spectrum sun protection which is essential when I’m outside so much. And as I have bare legs so much for competing, I like to keep them smooth. I am packing my Venus Swirl razor – it’s brilliant as it uses a flexiball which glides over tricky areas like knees and ankles.”