Finding the perfect fit during your period

The right size sanitary towel could be all you need for a comfortable and leak free time of the month

Dealing with PMS, bloating and cramps is bad enough, so a leaky sanitary pad can often feel like the last straw.

"Why does this always happen to me?", you think. And then the self-criticism begins: I didn't change my pad in time, I didn't wear the right shape underwear, my period is just way too heavy, my body hates me... and on and on. But, really, it has nothing to do with you - it's your sanitary pad.

We each have our own unique shape and flow, so the sanitary pads we wear should support and protect us in the ways our bodies need. This means choosing the right pad for you should prevent any leaking - but many women aren't aware of the sanitary pad options out there, or which ones best suit their needs.

Always Ultra offers four different sizes to fit women's unique body shapes and period flow. Maybe you need more front-to-back coverage, or maybe you need a pad for lighter flow. Either way, having options is key.

To figure out what pad suits you, you can take the Always My Fit quiz here. Always will then crunch your numbers and recommend a pad for you, and they will be easy to find when you pop to the shops as the packets are clearly labelled with the number you need. Yep, finding your perfect pad size and stopping leaks is as simple as that.

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