Helping girls around the world

Periods are hard enough to deal with, but many girls don't even have access to essential sanitary products. Discover how Always has set out to help them.

Always is continually committed to empowering girls, so the brand has partnered with more than 30 organisations that serve at-risk girls around the world, including Save The Children and UN Women.

In the past 10 years, the Always campaigns have reached over 45 countries and delivered more than 70 million pads to girls who need them most.

Here's a snapshot of just a few of Always' campaigns.

Africa: Always keeping girls in school

Each year, more than two million primary-school-aged girls in developing countries are forced to miss school during their periods because they don't have access to sanitary products.

Always set about to tackle this by supplying more than eight million pads, and supporting the distribution of puberty and health education to over 100,000 girls. In response, 78% of schools reported improved girls' attendance.

Check out the below video to find out more.

Nigeria, Nepal, Mexico: Health & Hygiene programmes

Puberty can be a scary time for girls, especially when they, their families and their communities lack information, and have no access to bathrooms or sanitary products.

Always partnered with Save the Children to change this, helping girls stay in school and shine. The Health & Hygiene programme reduced school absences from 73% to 30%.

Europe: changing the world of refugee girls

The Syrian Crisis, now in its sixth year, is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Among the most affected are girls, with many no longer able to attend school, and young women unable to work and provide income for their families.

These girls lack access to training and often face gender-based barriers that keep them at home.

Always partnered with UNESCO, Save the Children and other organisations to empower young girls and women by donating more than two million pads since 2015, and providing education and life-skills training in Jordan for up to 1,000 girls.

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