No more period pants! How to put a stop to leaks

You'll never have to throw away your favourite knickers because of a sanitary pad mishap again. Getting the right size and fit can mean waving goodbye to leaks for good.

We've all been there, washing out our undies under the tap. Dealing with leaky sanitary pads is such a universal experience that we start to expect it and prepare for it. So you keep a supply of "period pants" to wear with pads to save your favourite knickers from period stain oblivion. After a while, you can come to accept leaks like this as just a fact of life.

But it doesn't have to be this way. By choosing the right kind of sanitary towel, you can stop leaks in their tracks. You get a pad that provides coverage right where you need it and you can say goodbye to uncomfortable bunching and unsightly leaks.

And no leaks means that you can bring back those pretty lacy knickers all month long. Plus, you can feel confident going about your day without ever having to worry about your pad.

It's all about getting the right pad size to suit your body and flow. After all, if no two women are the same, why should our sanitary towels all be the same?

Always Ultra pads come in four distinct sizes to fit your individual body shape and flow, as well as keeping up with your hectic pace of life.

Each size is clearly marked, so they're easy to find in the shop. And every size also features Secureguard contours and liquid-locking gel to help you stay clean, dry and leak-free.

To find which size of pad is best for you, take a look at the Always My Fit Finder. It's a short online questionnaire that will help you choose the right sanitary towel size based on your shape and activity level. Try it out and wave goodbye to leaks for good.

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