The need-to-know guide to using tampons for the first time

Struggling to have the talk with your daughter about tampons? You're not alone. But thanks to these teens sharing what they wish they had known, it just got easier.

It's hard to have the talk about tampons. After all, you've been using them for years, so it's difficult to put yourself back in your daughter's shoes and remember the kinds of doubts and anxieties you might have had at her age.

On her side, all her confidence can disappear when it's time to talk about periods. Lots of girls get embarrassed about showing how much they don't know, so they just clam up instead.

Luckily, Tampax has seen it all before. They sat down with teen girls for some real talk about their first experiences with tampons, and what they wished they had known. And now you can get an insider account of the questions your daughter might have right now.

You can find out the answers to all these questions in linked videos too, so you don't need to worry if your daughter really doesn't want to listen to a tampon talk from mum. Just discreetly send the links in a message and let her learn what she needs to in her own time.

"Does it hurt?"

The idea of putting something inside you for a big part of the day can sound pretty uncomfortable, so it's no surprise that many girls worry a tampon could hurt or even get lost inside them. In fact, if it's in correctly, she shouldn't even feel it.

It's easy to dispel these myths. Take a look at this video for some ideas on explaining how tampons are comfortable as long as you insert them correctly and get the right absorbency level for your flow.

"How do you choose the right tampon?"

It's all too easy to buy your daughter the same tampons you buy for yourself. But getting familiar with the newer tampons on the market can help you find one that's more comfortable for a first-timer to use.

Tampons such as Tampax Compak Pearl are small and discreet, so they're not intimidating to insert or embarrassing to carry. And the smooth plastic applicator makes them easy to put in, even on the first time.

Your daughter can find out more about the applicator and how to understand the different sizes of tampon in this video.

"Where do you actually put a tampon?"

When it comes to periods, there's no question so basic that someone isn't worrying about it. Tackling confusion head-on can save everyone a lot of embarrassment and bother later on.

Take a look at this video to learn more about some of the misconceptions girls can have about applying tampons, and how to address them in a frank and honest way.

"How do you put a tampon in?"

It's second nature for you, but chances are your daughter will find it reassuring to have a step-by-step guide to using a tampon and applicator. You can sit down with her and go through the instructions in the pack, or you can show her this video about the 11 things all tampon users should know.

All she really needs to remember, though, is to wash her hands, stand with legs slightly apart or sit on the loo - and relax! Holding the tampon applicator between the middle finger and thumb at the grip marks lets her know how far to insert it, stopping when her fingers reach her body.

Then all she has to do is to push up the inner tube to release the tampon inside, and gently slide out the applicator. It's easy the first time and it only gets easier!

How did you talk to your daughter about using tampons? Share your ideas in the comments below.