5 tips to wear panty liners

As active women, you all know how important it is to feel dry, fresh and confident every day. Here’s how you can do it!


Some people wouldn’t leave the house without deodorant or lip gloss. Others feel the same way about panty liners.

What are panty liners used for? Here’s when they can be particularly handy:

DAILY: Panty liners are ideal for vaginal discharge or to manage slight urine loss. Look around and you’ll find liners that are scented as well as others designed to protect different types of underwear. Some are so advanced they mould to your body shape.

MIDCYCLE (during ovulation, outside your period): Some women use them just for mid-cycle to cope with any extra vaginal discharge.

DURING THE PERIOD: Panty liners can also prove useful as a back up when wearing a tampon or as protection in anticipation of a period starting.

AFTER GIVING BIRTH: You can also use them to cope with light bleeding or a leaky bladder a few weeks after giving birth. Those who do should look for liners with extra protection to help keep you feeling feminine and fresh. To understand what’s happening to your body, read “Help, baby’s born but my body keeps changing” and get more information on how to learn to control little leaks.