We're in a great position to embrace life full-on

The generation gap that separated us from our parents no longer exists in the same fashion. We 50-somethings consume much the same culture as 20, 30 and 40 year-olds. If anything, we’re in a better position to embrace life full-on.

Daniela Soave
Hello, I’m Daniela. My journalistic background lies in music and the arts, travel and lifestyle. I’ve spent my career hanging about in TV studios and film sets, following rock bands around the world, reviewing hotels and travel destinations and writing about popular culture.  I’m trained to reflect the world I see around me, but like many 50-somethings, I noticed a curious thing when I reached the big five-oh. Suddenly, I seemed to have turned into a different person with no idea about the stuff that interested me when I was 49, because I was now lumped together with everyone else over 50, as if we were not only all the same generation but irrelevant and invisible.

Thankfully that’s changing.  Partly that’s due to supermodels, musicians, actors and other people in the public eye turning 50 themselves and not falling to bits or losing their talent, but it’s also due to the fact that we are the largest growing generational demographic and can no longer be ignored.  I find the whole ’50 is the new 40/30/20’ sloganeering a tad trite, but I’m all for the getting rid of the notion that growing up is the same as growing old. And when did growing old become such a dirty notion, anyway? Patti Smith and Helen Mirren don’t act as if it’s a tragedy, do they?

Now, we have more free time, more disposable income, and we know our own minds. As Culture & Lifestyle Editor, I’m here to navigate that world through our eyes. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.