Four ways to banish lingering food smells

Seafood, curries, fry ups… all very delicious but not so appealing the next day when there’s still a lingering aroma. However, here’s how to keep your kitchen smelling great and still enjoy all your favourite foods.

Prevention is better than cure
Before you cook, open a window, close the kitchen door and turn on the extractor fan.

Your secret weapon
Febreze is your best friend when it comes to banishing nasty niffs because it doesn’t just mask odours it completely eliminates them.
Febreze comes in Aerosols and Plug Ins and there’s even a Fabric Refresher for things like your cushions and curtains.

During cooking
Tossing smelly items such as fish scraps into a plastic bag to go straight into the outside bin helps to prevent smells taking hold.
It’s also a good idea to wash up as you go along, especially if you’ve got lots of greasy pans.

A fragrant fridge
Make sure all the food in your fridge is well covered. No one wants their butter to taste of that well-ripened Camembert! A small bowl of baking powder placed at the back of one of the shelves will absorb any smells.

Savvy tip: Stainless steel is great for getting strong food smells like garlic off your hands, and you can buy a stainless steel ‘soap’ for this purpose in kitchen shops.