Blitz your limescale: no elbow-grease required

Calcium carbonate – that’s limescale to you and me – doesn’t have to be hard work to get rid of

Nothing spoils a gleaming kitchen or bathroom as much as the milky-white crust of limescale, and there are much better ways to deal with it than scrubbing (not to mention much better ways to spend your time!).

Start with a great product

From vinegar to lemon juice, there are lots of old-fashioned ‘solutions’ that are supposed to help you tackle limescale, but if you haven’t already discovered Viakal, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily it gets everything gleaming.

Not only does Viakal remove limescale instantly, but it also protects your surfaces three times longer* than other limescale removers (which means less cleaning – hooray!). And with its smart water-sheeting technology, Viakal even keeps watermarks at bay, too.

Keep on top of things

It may seem obvious, but the more you leave limescale to build up, the tougher it’ll be to tackle. Best to blitz those sinks, taps and shower as soon as you see even the beginnings of limescale.

Don’t scrub

Although you can remove some limescale by scrubbing, you’re likely to damage the finish of your stainless steel sink or shower screen in the process.

Far better to save your energies (for something more important like putting your feet up with a cuppa!) and use Viakal to gently get rid of the mineral deposits.


If you’re trying to get rid of a stubborn area of limescale, you need to give your Viakal a bit longer to do its work, which means soaking.

To soak the underside of a tap or a shower head, try filling a plastic cup or bowl with Viakal and then tie it in place with string.

Share your tips

How do you get rid of limescale? Have you tried Viakal? Let us know in the comments below.

*when tested on vertical ceramic tiles