SuperSavvy cleaning tips – from one house to another!

Sharing is caring! That’s why we asked our Supersavvyme users to let us know their top cleaning tips – and we’re sharing them with you!

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You’ve probably already got your housework routine down pat, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn! We’ve loved reading all the hints and tips sent in by our readers for keeping the house spick and span, and want to try them all!

Check out a few of our favourites here:

savvy circler Shabooboo has the trick to getting even the littlest kiddies involved in cleaning:
“I am a mum of four, aged 11, 6, 2 and 16 months. I've found enlisting them to 'help' with the housework allows me to get more done. I give the youngest two a baby wipe each and they happily trot around wiping off walls and skirting boards etc. […]”

Cleaning still not floating your boat? In that case you need to find a way to stay distracted, like savvy circler angelica06 does:
“I find it definitely helps listening to podcasts, it adds a bit of fun while I’m cleaning. Save your favourite podcasts for cleaning time so you’re looking forward to listening to the latest episode. It’s a great way to have more fun cleaning and gives me the added motivation I certainly need.”

Fancy killing two birds with one stone? For some, like savvy circler LisaWall, cleaning is also a substitution for exercising:
“I like to set myself a challenge when I clean so I set a timer on my Fitbit for certain tasks. Cleaning the kitchen after tea for example say 45 mins. I also set a timer for an hour and see how much I can achieve in the time, rewarding myself with a coffee break or tech break. Music also helps motivate me, cleaning and singing certainly helps me to keep going. The reward of a lovely clean and tidy environment is the best feeling ever. ❤ ”

And last but by no means least, we found savvy circler aimeeslavin’s ’Mummy’s tuck shop’ idea absolutely genius:


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