Dance your home clean with Kimberly Wyatt

If the thought of chasing dust bunnies fills you with dread, don’t despair. We’ve teamed up with celebrity dancer and mum, Kimberly Wyatt, to make the chore less of a bore and let you dance your heart out – mop and all.

One of life’s certainties is spring cleaning. And usually it needs to happen at the busiest of times. That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of our favourite celebrities and mum-of-one – Kimberly Wyatt. Having to juggle the demands of life in the public eye, work and her family, Kimberly knows how to make the most of every moment – even if that moment is cleaning.

Of course, if you want to make cleaning really easy, the secret is the right product. Here are our top picks.

Say goodbye to greasy dishes

Once your dishwasher is stacked and ready to go, it’s time to put Fairy to the test. Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets are designed to break down the toughest food spoils and even help to remove grease from the hidden parts of your dishwasher.

Start your own Flashmop

Flash multisurface concentrated cleaner comes in a range of fresh scents. So not only will it leave your floor and other surfaces around the house sparkling clean, but you’ll also enjoy a refreshing fragrance hours after cleaning.

Spray and wipe to the beat

Limescale can be pretty stubborn. But luckily Viakal is a tried-and-tested limescale remover. It gets rid of those white stains in minutes and leaves your surfaces sparkling.

Shimmy into spring

Febreze has a range of on-trend fragrances that eliminate odours fast and infuse your home with a welcoming, refreshing scent.

Feeling inspired? Then watch our video now and see how you can dance your home clean.