Clean your home this Christmas with Flash


These tips from Flash will help your home sparkle – even before you’ve put up your Christmas decorations!

We know what you’re thinking. December rolls around and the kids are full of Christmas spirit and excitement. Mums, on the other hand, are preparing for a long month of cleaning pine needles, making sure the decorations are where they should be, keeping sticky candy-cane hands clean, and not burning the turkey.

But don’t worry, these tips from Flash will help you keep your home sparkling, eliminating the dirt, grease and grime that can build up during the festive period.

Sparkly surfaces

Ensure the surfaces are ready for your Christmas table decorations with Flash Ultra Power sprays. Simply spray and wipe down your kitchen surfaces to give you a clean and fresh smelling kitchen.

For a quick, convenient way to keep the kitchen table sparkling every day, why not try Flash Anti-Bacterial Wipes?

Flawless floors

Your floors may need a spruce-up since the weather got worse, especially if the kids have been walking through the house in their muddy shoes. Use Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner, packed with double the cleaning power* compared to dilute all-purpose cleaning products. Those floors will be stain-free and sparkling in no time.

Walls worthy of a white Christmas

A few scuffs are bound to build up on your walls over Christmas, whether from dragging the Christmas tree through the house or carrying big boxes of decorations. Use Flash Magic Eraser Ultra Power to get rid of them all! It’s a sponge that, when damp, is powerful enough to lift stains – but gentle enough not to affect the paintwork.

With the help of Flash, you can ditch all that stress about the cleaning, and relax and enjoy all the joyful festivities the season brings instead.

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