Dishwashing Myths Debunked

Do you really need to pre-rinse your tough-to-clean dishes before loading the dishwasher? Often wonder why your lasagne dish comes out with food still stuck on it? We may not have ALL the answers, but we’ve debunked some of our favourite dishwashing myths!

MYTH: You need to rinse dishes before loading the dishwasher
False. You don’t need to pre-rinse your dishes before you stack the dishwasher. All you need to do is scrape off all food remnants (these cannot be dissolved and will end up clogging your dishwasher filter). If you use an effective detergent like Fairy Platinum that seeks out hidden grease and dirt you’ll get unbeatable tough-food cleaning first time, also reducing the amount of water you use to clean the dishes.

MYTH: Dishwashers clean themselves
False. Let’s face it, nothing in the kitchen cleans itself - including the dishwasher! Weak detergents don’t clean plates or the machine sufficiently and could require additives to help them work harder. If you want a really clean dishwasher, from the top rack right down to the filter at the bottom, it’s essential to choose an all-in-one detergent like Fairy Platinum. It has the power to seek out hidden grease and dirt from your dishes AND your dishwasher, helping produce brilliantly clean dishes and machine first time.

MYTH: Dishwashers don’t clean pots and pans properly
False. They do, if you’re using a quality dishwashing detergent and you’re stacking dishes correctly. Just make sure you place dishes face down so the detergent filled water can reach every nook and cranny via the spinning water jets. Using this technique and Fairy Platinum, you’ll get unbeatable first time results on tough food cleaning in your dishwasher.

MYTH: Bad dishwasher results are my fault not my detergent’s
False. It’s rare that bad results are your fault. While there is a right way to load the dishwasher, if you’re doing that right (and you probably are) your detergent is almost certainly to blame for dishes not coming out clean first time when you wash them.
Here are some handy tips and tricks that will ensure you achieve an unbeatable tough- food clean, first time in your dishwasher:
• Place bowls face down so the water jets can reach easily inside
• Dishwashers heat from the bottom, so only ever place plastic (melamine) on the top rack
• Cutlery should be placed handle down and mixed up, so spoons can’t sit inside each other preventing water sprays circulating
• Full dishwashers work best but don’t overfill it. The water and detergent won’t be able to reach inside each dish
• Opt for dishwasher tablets with added benefits, like Fairy Platinum, with its triple liquid power which adds sparkle to your dishes and keeps your dishwasher brilliantly clean too

MYTH: If dishes come out dirty my dishwasher is broken
False. Well, it’s one possibility, but is not necessarily true every time. There are a few other reasons dishes come out of a dishwasher dirty:
• There are food particles left on your plates when you load them
• Your filter is dirty and you’re not using a dishwashing product that cleans it during the regular cleaning cycle
• Your detergent isn’t strong enough to deal with hidden grease and dirt
Whether you’re using Fairy Platinum washing up liquid or liquid top tablets, baked on grease and dirt will wash away