Get to know your dishwashing cycles and your favourite Fairy Platinum Plus products


In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly seeking ways to optimize their daily routines. 

No one wants to see a pile of dishes waiting to be washed near the sink or wait for hours for their dishwasher to finish its cycle!   A huge 88%* are looking for energy-efficient solutions as well as looking to save time in the home. 

An easy way to start is by simply understanding the different cycles available when using a dishwasher. 

By making a simple switch you can save both energy and time in the kitchen and still get the brilliant cleaning you are looking for!  

First, simple way to save is by ditching the pre-rinsing of the dishes and just scrubbing the food directly into the bin. Simply put the dishes straight in, choose your cycle and, with your Fairy Platinum Plus, get brilliant cleaning results!

And then, switch from normal/auto to short1

You can get the job done up to 4 times faster, save up to up to 33%1 energy and thus lower the carbon footprint of your dishwashing.  With so many dishwasher brands and cycles available which vary depending on the manufacturer, here is a tip to recognize your short cycle: 

  • A short cycle is not simply another cycle that you can shorten – it is pre-programed on your machine.

  • It can be called Quick, Rapid, Express, Fast, Speed, Fast & Clean, Mini, etc. 

  • But there is only one point to keep in mind, a short cycle is one that takes less than 55 minutes to run. 


You will find cycles shorter than 55min on most dishwashers, if unfortunately your machine doesn't have it - don't worry, Fairy will still deliver brilliant cleaning but if you want to be energy conscious, you will need to wait longer and use your eco cycle.

Fairy’s unique formula works on tough cleaning challenges to deliver brilliant cleaning results even in a short cycle: 

  • Fast Dissolving water soluble film to release Fairy’s technologies designed to work as soon as it hits the water. In case you wonder, Fairy’s film is made of a technology used in many products in the cleaning industry and does not contribute to plastic or microplastic pollution. It enables fast dissolution and allows our powder and liquid to only come together in your machine. 

  • FastClean system for faster action on backed on- burnt-on or greasy food.

  • Effective at low temperature with a proprietary blend of cleaning enzymes.

  • QuickDry technology for faster drying.

Like most household chores, people get stuck in a rut and stick to old habits, so to address this Fairy has launched #SwitchtoShort a call to the nation to rethink their dishwasher habits and make a simple switch from their normal to a short cycle1.

1Short cycle defined as ≤ 55min

2When moving from auto or normal cycle to short cycle, based on an average annual number of 202.8 dishwashing cycles. Short cycle defined as ≤ 55min..

*One Poll online survey on behalf of P&G, June 2022, 8000 dishwasher users aged 25-55, UK, Spain, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Belgium and France