Selling up? Read these five essential cleaning tips first

Don’t even think of calling the estate agent before these details are perfect

Tackle that limescale

We’ve all heard the old adage about great kitchens and bathrooms selling a home, but however nice they are, limescale and watermarks really stop them looking their best.

The good news is that it’s easy to get rid of with Viakal. Not only that, but because Viakal has smart water-sheeting technology, it’ll protect your surfaces 3x longer than other limescale removers, keeping things sparkling day after day (or potential buyer after potential buyer).

Consider kerb appeal

A buyer who doesn’t like what they see when they pull up outside, may not even bother to look inside. Could your front door do with a lick of paint? Are your window boxes filled with weeds? 

No halls of shame

Still thinking about those all-important first impressions, make sure your hallway makes a good one. Banish all the grubby trainers and forgotten coats. Ditch that junk mail.

Be a clutter buster

A room that’s stuffed with clutter not only looks a mess, but seems a lot smaller than it actually is. Rope in the whole family (maybe with the enticement of pizzas as a reward!) and be ruthless in getting rid of all that junk. At the very least get everything hidden away behind closed doors in cupboards!

At the ready

In an ideal world, you’d have lots of notice before any potential buyer looks around your home. In the real world, estate agents often phone up saying they have someone who’d like to view NOW. It therefore makes sense to keep things clean and tidy.