5 get-ahead Christmas planning tips

Savvy ideas to help you get organised so you can enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Make the most of these five Christmas holiday shortcuts and you’ll have time to get everything else in shape.

1. Home planning - Food in the cupboard
Although you will want to get meat and veg close to the big day, stock up on longer life ingredients in advance. That way you don’t have to go to the shops every time you need to cook up a dinner before and during the holidays. For meals you can put together without a major supermarket trek, go to
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2. The Christmas Shop – browse and collect
Get the best of both worlds by browsing and buying online, then collecting what you’ve ordered from a store local to you. This ensures you’ve got your Christmas shopping finished with time to spare.

3. Wardrobe check-up
Use a weekend afternoon to have good look through your wardrobe, pulling out a couple of party outfit favourites. Make sure they’re clean and in good shape for coming festivities so you don’t end up stressing just before a big night out. If they need a refresh, invest in a new necklace or scarf – these don’t have to cost much and can make a gorgeous difference to your look.
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4. Writing your Christmas cards
In the weeks before Christmas, carry around a little address book and a few Christmas cards at a time and write your greetings in downtime waiting for buses, in a coffee break, in the dentist’s waiting room… You’ll find it turns a chore into a real pleasure.

5. Freeze Boxing Day!
There are many elements to a Christmas dinner that you can’t get sorted in advance, but you can choose a Boxing Day meal that can be prepared and frozen one or two weeks beforehand.

Savvy tip
You can’t cook your turkey two weeks ahead, but you can prepare your stuffing! For other food prep cheats, check out Get ahead Christmas cooking

Pass it on – Christmas planning sorted out for you

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