Flash frees up time for family fun

We asked a group of children what they would do if their mums could travel back in time and spend more hours doing fun stuff. Take a look at the lovely ideas they shared with us…

We’d all love a time machine to create more hours in the day and help us get everything done, but in reality, even with just a little downtime you can have fun with the family.

These days it’s possible to get the essential chores sorted in half the time if you pick the right products.

Take new Flash Liquid-Gel, for example…

  • Its formula is now two and half times more powerful* – you don’t need to be a maths whizz to know that means you can clean everywhere from the floors to countertops to the bathroom in more than double quick time!
  • Plus the bottle’s specially designed dosage cap means you can measure out what you need for the job in hand, and get on with your chores without any time-consuming fuss.
  • Saving you time and money, new Flash Liquid-Gel gives you freedom to spend your time in different ways.

 *compared to dilute Flash Lemon

Making 10 minutes into quality time

Here are three simple ways you can do something fun with your kids even when the breaks in your day are really short.

  • Make paper aeroplanes and have a contest to see whose design flies the furthest.
  • Let the kids choose and set funny new ringtones for different friends on your mobile.
  • Read a book – picture books are a pleasure to share with little ones, or if your child is old enough to read, have a giggle seeing who can do the silliest voices by taking it in turns to read a page of a chapter in their favourite book.


Flash frees up time for family fun