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Flash gives mums special powers

Brought to you by Flash
Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague – we manage to multitask day in, day out. So why not use our skills to make every day a little better?

Mum the speedy cleaner

New Flash Liquid-Gel has two and half times the power* to get your cleaning jobs done. Inside its compact bottle, this new formula deals with dirt, grease and stains with two and half times the power of dilute Flash Lemon.

  • Save time by using the high-powered gel either neat or diluted for all kinds of cleaning tasks from floors to countertops.
  • Save money with a dosage bottle cap than ensures you don’t use more than you need.

*compared to dilute Flash Lemon

Here are two more special powers you didn’t realise you already have!

Mum the mind reader

Between 5pm and 7pm energy levels slump. Children often don’t understand why, but suddenly tantrums and arguments seem a much bigger deal.

  • Give yourself a boost to get through tricky tea times and hectic bath routines by taking a five-minute break just before. Have a cuppa, put on your favourite music, make a quick call to a friend.
  • If your child is tired from a busy day make teatime fun by serving up something silly, like pizza with a funny face on top made out of carrot and cucumber, or putting a little food colouring into a pan of cooking pasta so it looks crazy when you serve it up.

Mum the magician

With a little planning, you can make magical things happen every day.

  • If your child is facing a daunting experience – a new school, a first sleepover, feeling ill – create a happy distraction. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, it could be something simple like sending your child a greetings card or a letter through the post.
  • Make everyday games more fun by inventing amazing worlds in which teddies and dolls live. Encouraging your child’s own imagination is a wonderful way to boost many important developmental skills and you can do it at home, on the bus or anywhere, really!

Best mum in the world

It’s easy to forget that just being there for our children – even when they are teenagers – is important to them. But what if we as mums had special powers? We asked these school children for their own ideas…



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